Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy of H3+

Collage by C. M. Lindsay; H3+ laboratory spectrum from A. R. W. McKellar; Jupiter H3+ emission image from J. E. P. Connerney.

Dear Colleague,

We are writing you to announce a Royal Society Discussion Meeting entitled

"Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy of H3+"

to be held at the Royal Society in London from January 16-17, 2006.

This meeting will be accompanied by a one-day satellite meeting on the 18th on the same subject.

The Meeting is a second attempt to assemble researchers from different fields in which H3+ plays a major role and to discuss the most fundamental molecular ion from a variety of perspectives. The recent exciting developments related to H3+ and deuterated species make this discussion particularly timely. The discussions will include following subjects:

  • New Spectroscopy of H3+ and Deuterated Species,
  • First Principles Calculation of H3+
  • Theory of the Triplet State and Asymptotic Vibrational States
  • New Experiment and Theory of Electron Recombination
  • Dissociation Dynamics and Thermalization
  • Laboratory Chemistry of H3+ and Deuterated Species
  • Nuclear Spin in Chemical Reactions
  • Observed Ubiquity of H3+ in Interstellar Space
  • Radio Observations of Interstellar H2D+ and HD2+
  • H3+ and its Isotopomers in Deuterium Fractionation
  • Hot and Diffuse Gas near the Galactic Center and Metastable H3+
  • H3+ and Isotopomers in Planets and Protoplanets
  • H3, H5+, H3+(H2)n clusters, H3-, and H3++
  • The Royal Society Discussion Meeting on the 16th and 17th will include 18 invited talks with plenty of discussion time, as well as one or two poster sessions depending upon demand. The talks and discussions will be published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. The meeting on the 18th will include 13 invited talks with discussions.

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    Takeshi Oka
    Tom Geballe
    Dieter Gerlich
    Jonathan Tennyson

    Ben McCall (Secretary)

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