H3+ Further Developments and Future Directions

University College London
Friday, February 11th

Provisional Program:

Dr.Flavio Scappini presiding

9:00am Cesare Cecchi-Pestellini, Harvard-Smithsonian,
"H3+ in diffuse interstellar gas"

9:35am Ronald Stark, Max-Planck Institute of Radioastronomy,
"Detection of interstellar H2D+ emission and its unique role in the chemistry of star formation"

10:10am Intermission

Dr.Jean-Pierre Maillard presiding

10:30am Michael Mumma, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
"H3+ Emission from Exoplanets".

11:05am Rainer Johnsen, University of Pittsburgh,
"Review of experimental work on the recombination of H3+"

11:40am Lunch

Professor Mark Child presiding

2:00pm Dieter Gerlich, Technical University of Chemnitz,
"Experimental studies of ion molecule reactions at low energies: Fast and slow reactive ways from H+ and H2+ to H3+".

2:35pm Andre Bandrauk, University of Sherbrooke,
"H3+ in Intense Laser Fields-Enhanced Ionization, Coulomb Explosion and Harmonic Generation".

3:10pm Intermission

Professor Brian Sutcliffe presiding

3:30pm Ralph Jaquet, University of Siegen,
"Investigations of H3+ based on explicitly correlated wavefunctions"

4:05pm Michel Cordonnier, University of Lille,
"Selection Rules for Ortho- and Para-H3+ in Ion-Neutral Reactions"

For additional information, contact t-oka@uchicago.edu